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Plumbing and Heating Solutions is a Duluth based plumbing and heating services company. We provide our service in the following towns, and their surrounding areas. If you don’t see your town listed, give us a call or send us an estimate request and we will see if we can help!

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If you’ve got a home plumbing or heating project, you’re in the right place! We’re licensed and insured up to $2M, and are committed to clear communication. All of our work is backed by our quality craftsmanship and dedication to YOUR satisfaction.

About Plumbing and Heating Solutions

Hi! My name is Brandon. I am the owner-operator of Plumbing and Heating Solutions. We are a local small business located in the Duluth area. I have 18 years of experience in the Plumbing and Heating business. I’ve performed plumbing and heating service, remodels, new construction, and commercial jobs. I’ve been in business coming on 6 years and still loving it!

Ely Handyman Services Radiant Heat
Radiant Heat

Ely Heating

Handling heating hitches is our expertise at . Not so long ago, our crew responded to a service call at an idyllic cabin situated in

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Duluth Plumbing Services Plumbing

Duluth Plumbing Project

The owner of this property called about a drain leak in their plumbing. By troubleshooting the problem, I found a cracked cast iron sewer pipe

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Duluth Plumbing Services

Duluth Plumbing

A past client of in Duluth reached out to me about an old drain line that kept clogging in their shower. After providing an estimate,

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Duluth Plumbing Services Boiler Leak Repair

Duluth Boiler Leak Repair

was recently called to a homeowner’s residence in Duluth to address a concerning boiler leak. Upon arrival, I promptly provided a complimentary estimate for the

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Duluth Water Hater Repair Services
Water Heaters

Duluth Water Heater Repair

As a Plumber serving the residents of Duluth, I recently had the opportunity to tackle a challenging water heater repair project for a client. The

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Babbit Plumbing Services

Babbit Plumbing

At , we recently completed an exciting plumbing project in Babbit. Our team was tasked with installing plumbing for a basement bathroom, which involved some

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Duluth Plumbing Services Leak Repair

Duluth Leak Repairs

At , we recently completed a leak repair project in Duluth that involved multiple tasks to ensure a leak-free environment. Firstly, we installed a brand

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Duluth Plumbing Services Boiler Installation

Duluth Boiler Install

At , we recently had the opportunity to undertake a fascinating boiler installation project in the beautiful city of Duluth. Our skilled team successfully completed

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